"Swings rather dangerously between insightful brilliance and losing the plot entirely"- University Professor, 2008.



From the end
Make our beginnings
And from the beginnings
Weave out ends.

I am a pile of ideas, a pile of dreams, a pile of plans, a pile of doubts, and so many other things. I am a pile of piles and it is so overwhelming. Should I get rid of some piles? Should I climb them? Or should I just give up and hide inside them?

Bshayer F.R. (via wnq-writers)


Feliz cumple, cariña!

Muchos beso y hugs! cxxxiiinights

The same people that you start your journey off with are NOT necessarily the same people that you’ll end it with, so be prepared, and continue to grow no matter what happens

Born Free #therealbornfree  (via therealbornfree)



Run your tongue
Along my edge
Licking past my past mistakes
Soothing my rough side
Melting me
Undo me
As only you can


You hugged me so unceremoniously, that without even realizing it your hug miraculously put all the broken pieces back together as if it were never broken in the first place. I felt an overwhelming calm captivate my being and your lips, my god, your lips.. they sent electric currents throughout my body reviving me from the slow death I was enduring. That’s when I knew home wasn’t a place, but a person. Your arms are home and right now I’m homesick.

Ethan Chamblee (via mr-outspoken)